LOCATION: Wageningen, Gelderland, The Netherlands


THATCHTEC was founded in 2002, in Wageningen. The core business, vision and mission of THATCHTEC are focused on the development and commercialization of environmentally friendly methods to control undesired biological communities. What started as a natural solution for green stains on thatched roofs, has become an innovative company in the bio-based economy.

Based  on knowledge of biopolymers, THATCHTEC is a small company with 4 people and the activities are conducted at its own company and also in collaboration with Wageningen UR, research institutes and other companies as BLGG Agroxpertus, Phycom and Rockin Soils.

The company has around 100 clients around the world. The main ones are: Rudd van Schie BV and Wageningen UR. The main countries where the company commercialises its products are: All in Europe, South Africa and Caribbean.
THATCHTEC strategy is based on the development and commercialization of innovation. They have a plan of continuous investment in research and development.


Salvador Roig Coll. He is working since 2011 at THATCHTEC, as a Project Manager. He holds a 5 years-degree in agricultural engineering by the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain) and a MSc in International Development by Wageningen University (The Netherlands). He has studied agro-ecology at the ANAP in Cuba. In his research activity, he has worked on the analysis of agricultural and environmental policies, in particular the impact of the Common Agricultural Policy on land use and producer decisions.

He has also been at the LEI in the Hague (the Netherlands) and at CEIGRAM at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (Spain). Salvador has developed R&D projects dealing with different aspects of soil health and fertility. As a business developer, he has given workshops about innovation in soil health in countries as Uzbekistan and Georgia. Besides these countries he has developed an extensive network in the Netherlands, China, Denmark and Chile. Lately, he is coordinating a soil regeneration project in Vietnam.

Ing. H (Henk) Meints. He is the Chief Technical Officer, with over 20 years of experience in crop protection and soil health in arable and horticultural crops. He is the senior researcher at THATCHTEC BV. He is an Agronomist, with vast experience in agronomical advisory within industry and on new business development. Specialist in nematology, release functionalities, fertilization and biopolymers.

Dr. Ir. Herman Feil. Polymer Chemist/Physical Chemist (PhD). General Director of THATCHTEC BV. Former Director of Division Agro Industrial Production Chains at ATO BV. He has more than 15 years of Business Development experience in Agro Industry.

Ir. Wang Jingjue. She is a research technician at THATCHTEC BV and a specialist in Project researcher, biology and seed technology.