LOCATION: Seville, Spain

PROJECT ROLE: MULCH FILM MANUFACTURER. Technical Manager. Commercialisation & Exploitation Manager

MORERA is one of the leaders companies in Europe, it is the second largest manufacturer of agricultural plastic in Spain with 40 years of experience manufacturing agricultural plastics. The main strength of MORERA is its proximity to the market, permanent contact with its customers together with great efforts made in investments on the latest technology such as R&D.

Morera & Vallejo Industrial was born by the union of three prestigious companies in the world of plasticulture: Plastimer, Macresur and Torres Film, in Spain. Now part of the business group Morera & Vallejo Industrial, S.L. (MORERA),   as its agricultural brands.

The experience of these three market leaders, with over four decades of supporting farmers, has allowed them to be protagonists in the manufacture of plastics for agriculture worldwide, becoming the business division with more experience, more resources and quality on plastics for crop protection. In addition, MORERA has subsidiaries in Morocco and Turkey.

Manuel Jiménez Díaz. He holds a degree in Industrial Engineering and a Master in International Business and Strategic Management at the University of Seville (Spain). He is Expert at Innovation Management for SMEs. Currently, he is the General Manager in MORERA and has 15 years of experience in agriculture plastic research and manufacturing. He has more than 10 years of experience as R&D Project Manager and Head of Innovation. He will be the Technical Manager.

Francisco González. He is the Technical & Quality Manager in MORERA, with an experience of 17 years as research technician in plastic industry for agriculture. He is qualified in quality management systems and has a vast knowledge about agriculture plastic market due to his high experience in contact with clients. His role in the project will be the Commercialisation and Exploitation Manager at the project.

Luisa Pérez Ristori. She is the financial manager at MORERA and has an experience of more than 20 years in administration and accounting, and 5 years at procurement and sales management. She is Economist and specialist in Marketing.

MªJosé Vidaña Barranco. She studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Seville, Spain and also is expert at quality and environmental matters. She joined to quality department at MORERA last 2015, where she is focusing on quality control and plastic films developments.

María Romero Murcia. She studied Chemical Engineering at University of Almería, Spain and she is expert in extrusion processes for plastic films production. She works as engineer at manufacturing department of MORERA since 2014 and has 8 years of experience in plastic processing and quality control.