The sixth BIOMULCH meeting was organized next to the test fields (Lepe, Spain)

On 12th April 2018, the BIOMULCH partners gathered in ADESVA (Lepe, Spain) for their sixth meeting.

Magdalena Torres (ADESVA) opened the meeting, welcomed everyone to ADESVA and gave indications. The experts visited the experimental fields of ADESVA where the plastic was placed in September, last year.

The BIOMULCH partners observed how the different plastics had behaved during these last 6 months and based on the results obtained conclusions were drawn about what type of product to continue working in the future.

Alejandro Torres (ADESVA) gave a presentation about continuous field test in the strawberry crop season. The experts were shown the strategic location of tested mulches, the schedule of the season, preparation and implementation of strawberry crops. He also talked about treatments of plagues. The preliminary results and conclusions of the tests were described showing graphics of productive parameters, vegetative parameters and qualitative parameters. Finally, he talked and asked about preparation of microorganism solution and activation of microorganisms. The mulch plastics were buried in the soil and the microorganisms were spread onto the field. He concluded with preliminary conclusions about behavior of mulch plastics.

Jingjue Wang (THATCHTEC) told about the progress in Work Package 2 and Work Package 3. She told about goals achieved in Wp 1 and Wp 2. Evolutions about current research and results of it were explained showing different photos in different phases. Photos of behavior of microorganisms in different compound films and new films and conclusions. She commented the field test and microorganism solutions that will be tested. In closing, she told about commercial format, scale-up production and manufacturing protocol and quality control of microorganism solution.

The next step of the meeting was the consortium, when the partners began to discuss some important point to take definitive decisions for the project.

László Halmos (ADESVA) exhibited his presentation about the overview of communication activities related to the project. He showed what we have so far and overview of dissemination and communication activities. The explicative project video of Biomulch was presented.

László Halmos (ADESVA) made his presentation about the overview of communication activities related to the project. He showed all the communication materials of the project and in addition explained that the only missing media material, the project video is in progress. Halmos closed his presentation with the conclusions of the past period and what to focus on during the upcoming months.

In order to follow financial instructions Federico Mesa (CETEC) gave some advices about check list financial justification. He explained the result of first year review of the project has been satisfactory and we hope will be same in the future.

Manuel Jimenez (Morera & Vallejo) explained what will be the available market for Biomulch film and commercial objectives. He showed the explanation about 4 “P”. Product, Price, Place and Promotion of Biomulch and gave the probably answers for these issues.

The experts agreed to set the next meeting 07th August in Fkur facilities (Willich, Germany).

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