The seventh BIOMULCH meeting in Willich (Germany)

7th BIOMULCH meeting was held at FKuR headquarters in Willich, Germany on 07th August 2018.

Carmen Michaels (FKuR) opened the meeting, welcoming everyone at the FKuR facilities.

Jingjue Wang (THATCHTEC) started the session, speaking about commercial format development that must compliant three goals:
1. Ensure the functionality of the final product in accelerating degradation of Biomulch films.
2. Easy and ready-to-use.
3. 100% safe for end users and environment.
The expert explained comparison and conclusions between liquid and solid format and added that both options would be available for customers.

Nushin Behzadifar (FKuR) made her presentation talking about aim to be achieved:
The challenge to combine service life and biodegradability in a short time !
Behzadifar also told about next steps after scale-up new compounds in FKuR.

Alejandro Arribas (CETEC) gave a presentation about Kit validation at laboratory scale. He explained in detail all of the steps of biodegradability soil test in accordance with ISO 17556 standard.

Manuel Jimenez (Morera & Vallejo) began his presentation showing results about scale-up of film extrusion process with two selected formulations. Jimenez detailed how many rolls have been manufactured of each formulation and their characteristics. He continued talking about future price of final product and the need to comply with the new standard EN 17033.

Alejandro Torres (Adesva) told about progress in WP2 and also described evaluations of sampling and temporality, treatments and nutritional solutions of strawberry crop. He presented an extensive report with photos about follow-up the behavior of mulching plastics in the beds. Torres also told about the results of microorganisms application trial and showed photos of preparation and application in plastics.

The Biomulch partners agreed, that the next meeting will be in Huelva (Adesva facilities) in November.

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