Halfway through the project – The fifth BIOMULCH meeting in Alhama de Murcia (Spain)

On the 16th of January 2018, CETEC organized the fifth meeting of BIOMULCH project in its facilities in Alhama de Murcia (Spain).

At 9.00 in the morning the 5th BIOMULCH meeting began with the welcome speech by Federico Mesa (CETEC), who welcomed everyone, with a special respect to the EU Officer of the project, Ivan Ginga.

In the following, Ivan Ginga gave a brief presentation of EU commission and explained what are the roles and responsibilities of EU officer, throughout the life of the project. He also offered help about any issue or question regarding the project.

Alejandro Torres (ADESVA) gave a presentation about field test in the strawberry crop season 2017-18. They are studying the behavior and the impact of plastics on the different crop characteristics, as well as its biodegradability for the complex validation of mulches. At the end of his presentation Torres described the preliminary results and conclusions of the tests, showing photos about the follow up of different mulching plastics.

Alejandro Arribas (CETEC) gave an overview of BIOMULCH development and explained the results of new formulations used on tested mulches. There were shown tables, graphics and photos about all results of tests (elongation and stress at break). In closing Arribas described the next steps to do in upcoming months.

Jingjue Wang (THACTHEC) presented the goals and remarks in the tasks of selection of microorganisms, enzyme/microorganisms interaction, microorganisms isolation and inoculation, as well as microorganisms/compound interaction study. Wang talked about the current research of Petri dish test, soil burial test and spot test in the case of each mulch. At the end of her presentation she spoke about the future action plan: identifying formulation, concentration and combination, field test and identifying commercial format.

Nushin Behzadifar (FKuR) began her presentation showing results of material testing: tensile strength, elongation at break, tear resistance and puncture resistance. She explained how to optimize mechanical properties in the future.

László Halmos (ADESVA) made his presentation about the overview of communication activities related to the project. He showed all the communication materials of the project and in addition explained that the only missing media material, the project video is in progress. Halmos closed his presentation with the conclusions of the past period and what to focus on during the upcoming months.

Manuel Jiménez (MORERA Y VALLEJO) began his presentation talking about the preparation of mulch film with the formulation made by FKuR and explained the process of the mulch film manufacturing. At the end of his session he spoke about the main problems that we could encounter in the future commercialization of BIOMULCH.

The partners decided that the next meeting will be in Huelva (ADESVA facilities) at 12th of April to take a look at the behavior of BIOMULCH film on the field.

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