FKuR organized the fourth BIOMULCH meeting in Barcelona (Spain)

On the 26th of September 2017, the BIOMULCH partners met to discuss about the current situation of the project in Barcelona (Spain). At 9.00 in the morning the coordinator opened the BIOMULCH Barcelona meeting, welcomed everyone and gave indications of agenda.

Nushin Behzadifar (FKuR) started her presentation with a summary of process development by FKuR. The expert described the pre-productions trials of compounding and blown film extrusion. She also showed a compare results table of mechanical properties of films used. In base of this table it is possible decide what are the better films.

Manuel Jimenez (MORERA) explained the industrial test made with plastic pellets samples sent by FKuR. He showed all conclusions of results manufacturing film.

As he told, the commercial products are easy to extrude and do not present problems. Experimental products are more difficult to extrude in terms of the bubble stabilization and homogenization of the final product. In general terms, quality improves with higher thickness and lower percentage black master.

Jingjue Wang (THATCHTEC) started her presentation with a brief summary of the objectives achieved in WP1 and the goals to be achieved in WP2.

She described current research on WP2:

  • T2.2. Microorganisms formulations & inoculation.
  • T2.3. Microorganisms- compound interaction study.

As a closing her presentation explained the future actions; once the microorganism is isolated it will be tested together with enzymes in a soil burial test.

Alejandro Torres (ADESVA) gave a presentation about the tasks of ADESVA in WP2. ADESVA validate a first batch production of Biomulch at real field. The main objectives are testing behaviour, quality of the fruits, behaviour versus the weeds, production, pests and diseases, soil temperature and moisture.

Alejandro Arribas (CETEC) started his presentation telling the project progress. He explained the success of some tasks and unsuccess of others. Some tasks are still on study.

The expert showed new possible formulations changing proportions of components and also showed the mechanical properties of these new formulations.

László Halmos (ADESVA) made his presentation about the communication activities related to the project. He told about the website and social media, promotional materials, and promotion, communication and dissemination activities. There was presented a leaflet (every partner took 150 samples). A poster and a roll-up were exposed in the meeting. He also explained that the communication activities have to be continuous to maintain the interest.

Federico Mesa (CETEC) commented the financial report needed to upload on EU website. Finally was set as the deadline for sending of economic data on 15th December.

All of partners were agreed that the next meeting will be in Alhama de Murcia at 16th of January.

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