Adesva presents the revolutionary biodegradable plastic Biomulch

The Technological Center of Agroindustry Adesva, located in Lepe, hosted yesterday a day in which the details of the new padded plastic for biodegradable agricultural use were made known that within two or three months it will be available to farmers from Huelva They want to put an end to the problem that currently involves many not knowing what to do with this type of material, which must be renewed every year in their strawberry farms.

It is, specifically, the plastic mulch that farmers put on the ground to form the hills where strawberry is planted, which is more popularly known as black plastic, for its color, and thanks to this innovation project can be replaced by a biologically based padded plastic which, in contact with other elements, accelerates its decomposition and degradation process, once its useful life has ended.


The project is part of an innovation initiative and, therefore, has European funding within the framework of the 20/20 horizon, in which entities from several EU countries participate, among them Morera Vallejo Industrial, with the support of the Technology Center itself of the Adesva Agroindustry, where the experiments and tests of the new material have been carried out.
According to the president of Adesva and Morera Vallejo Industrial, Antonio Morera, the project is currently in the phase of “starting the manufacture and commercialization” of the new material in the period of “between two or three months”. In this regard, he added that the new product “is already fully tested and tested”, which has been carried out in the facilities that Adesva has in Lepe. He also noted that this new biodegradable plastic in principle will be developed in the factories with Morera Vallejo Industrial account in the province of Almeria, “although we would like to install a plant in Huelva in the future,” he said.

In this sense, he stressed that “we have opted to create this new biodegradable plastic”, with which, he said, “Huelva will continue to make progress in a more ecological agriculture and integrated into the environment.”
The inauguration of the day was attended by the Vice President of the Provincial de Huelva, Maria Eugenia Limón, who stressed that with its presence at the event, the provincial institution “shows once again its support for the economic fabric of the province, in this occasion to the agricultural sector and its environmental sustainability “.
And, as he said, “society and Europe are calling for a world that is increasingly sustainable from the environmental point of view, and these days give way to walk in that direction through innovation and the circular economy.”

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