Our solution will be a new way of mulching, overcoming current mulches available in the market. BIOMULCH will save time and reduce costs. In the following table is shown all BIOMULCH advances respect to the state of the art.

Thus, the challenges for plastic mulches films are: adequate cost/benefit rate, controlled lifetime, and then biodegrading at the intended time and conditions. BIOMULCH will be the first mulch film achieving them.


BIOMULCH (kit: biodegradable mulch film + microorganisms solution) will be the first mulch in the market capable of achieving complete biodegradation in an agricultural soil in a 30-40 days period. BIOMULCH will cover all end user needs and will overtake problems both economical and environmental in terms of waste pollution of polyethylene mulch films. BIOMULCH will be available in the market in December 2018.

In the following table are shown user needs and how BIOMULCH will be met with them:

Users needs covered by BIOMULCH compared to competitors